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A movie puts highlights on a story but yours did more than that, you showed hope in possible changes in our behaviour to protect our environment, so that’s a good movie.

Hélène Samuel

------------------------------------- did an excellent job!  I thought it showcased the Bokashi project very well.  It detailed everything that someone would need to know about what Bokashi is and what it can do.  I was also very impressed with the IPE portion of the movie.  It made me want to go and experience the excitement of the fair!! 

Congratulations on pulling all the elements together and making an excellent movie!!

Lorena K.


Hi Bruce,
I thought you did a great job of piecing things together and telling the story. 

Larry Green Bokashicycle LLC




"This movie is a must see! 

Bruce Mol has done a wonderful job in presenting both the Bokashicycle
concept, how it relates to other concepts and how it was implemented at a
commercial scale with the pilot project, processing the food wastes at the
Interior Provincial Exhibition.

Bruce used some very innovative techniques, to show and discuss the process
from multiple perspectives.

Included are interviews with many people who brought the pilot project to
fruition, who clearly describe the need, the process, and the results. 

Further, there are interludes of video vignettes that allow one to reflect
on what you just saw and heard. There is so much information that I found it
very useful to have a moment to reflect.

I found Bruce to be very capable, creative, and thorough in his approach and
production to record and present the Bokashicycle Pilot Project.

Well done Bruce.
Dave Weatherill, Briteland
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